La Union Hash House Harriers - Philippines -
La Union Hash meets every Saturday at 2.30pm... Please check calendar page for details... 

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Welcome to La Union Hash House Harriers

Run No



Saturday 30th January 2021


Da Sunset


2:30:00 pm


Laces - Postman

Would all Hashers please note the following compulsory requirements:

1. Visitors/Guests, the Contact Tracing Team will conduct an     interview to determine suitability, prior to the hash.

2. Payment of 50 Pesos to cover cost of allotted drinks.

3. Personal contact details must be provided. If a regular       

    hasher changes their residence, notify the On Sec.

4. Pay as you go: Beer, Drinks & Food.

5. Face Mask must be worn at all times.

6. Must carry small alcohol/hand sanitizer.